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About RICHPR: 

Boutique fashion PR agency specializing in lingerie brands, handling PR, Social Media & Event Planning.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Boutique fashion PR agency looking for an incredibly pro-active, driven, motivated and all-around rockstar Social Media “Curator in Chief” for the Fall semester. F/T preferred, will consider P/T with minimum 3 full days. Office hours are M-F 9am – 6pm. Stipend compensation at $25/day (in addition to any school credit you might receive).

This is not a "run and get coffee" internship - our interns are a part of the team and hold a lot of responsibility. If you're looking for an internship just to have on your resumé, this is not the place for you. This IS the place for you if you have a strong interest in Social Media for fashion brands, LOVE to write, and want a fast-paced, hands-on environment to both learn in and apply your skills. We have fun yet are hard-working, are laid-back but deliver results -- and are hoping to find this combination in you as well!

To be considered for this position you must have prior social media and/or editorial internships or experience under your belt. You MUST be a strong writer, editor and of course – love to write! Even better if you have experience writing for social media. Looking for candidates with a voice along the lines of Cut Blog, FashionIndie, Fashionista, Daily Candy, etc. Note we are a boutique fashion PR agency. We are not a conservative corporate-speak firm. If your writing reads like watching paint dry, it's not going to work here. If your writing is clever, engaging, smart, witty, and slightly sarcastic, it will. Other key traits you'll need to survive here: ridiculous multitasking skills, BEYOND organized, a caffeine addiction doesn’t hurt, and a completely abnormal obsession with the social media & fashion industries.

Even more qualities in our dream candidate:

You are not only motivated but enthusiastic, proactive, punctual, results-driven, EXTREMELY organized and an unabashed perfectionist. You are a creative problem solver and pride yourself on being one of those people who thinks "outside the box," can execute tasks under minimal supervision, and are a pro multi-tasker. You are willing to work hard, are inquisitive, and willing to stay on top of not only current fashion & pop culture news, but also news within the social media & PR industries.

When it comes to day-to-day: the thought of simultaneously and strategically running multiple Facebook Fan Pages (6, to be exact), Twitter & Pinterest accounts, launching Instagram & Tumblr accounts, brainstorming & fully developing large scale social media contests & campaigns, tweeting & pinning like a madman, staying on top of social media analytics, pitching in on PR needs that may arise and whatever else the day might throw at you doesn't scare you. The thought of seeing an increase in Facebook Fan Page engagement oddly excites you. Getting a follow, RT, etc by a top media, industry or other target makes your day. You liken launching a Pinterest account to building a masterpiece off a blank canvas. You LOVE branding & brand building. You feel there’s no better reason for a celebratory drink than seeing a brand’s Klout score jump up a few points. You are Social Media savvy…and by that we mean obsessed.

Candidates must meet the below requirements:

- Must be a current student. Digital Communications/Journalism majors preferred.
- Have a strong interest in social media, writing, and the fashion industry.
- Prior internships in social media, editorial & related fields are a plus.
- Can’t say this enough: must a) be a strong writer – both traditional writing AND writing for social media, and b) LOVE to write.
- Proficiency in Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc a must.
- Have a GPA of minimum 3.0.
- Have your own laptop you can bring to/from the office with Microsoft Office Suite installed. Excel, Word & Outlook are a requirement.

Please send to

1. Resumé + writing samples (blog entries, Facebook Fan Page posts, Tweets, Pins, etc)
2. Availability
3. Laptop - what kind, year, do you have Microsoft Office with Outlook (or Entourage if you’re on Microsoft ’08 Mac)?
4. College/year/major/GPA
5. Proficiency/experience in above requirements
6. Your top 5 magazines and top 5 blogs. (Can be fashion, industry, etc)
7. Why you would be great for the position!

Thank you!

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