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  • Entertainment
  • Summer
  • Austin, TX
  • 2015

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About Savvy Media: 

Savvy Media is a Culture Obsessed, Creative Influencer Agency. We focus on creating and integrating into unique, unforgettable “savvy” experiences globally. We provide brands a direct link to leverage our demographic of influence in the various verticals of Art, Film, Music, Fashion & Entertainment.

The ever changing media landscape & culture surroundings are almost impossible to keep up with — we’ve mastered this art, being cool on your behalf, and we do it well, surrounding insider events at destination luxury events & festivals around the world.

Our primary focus is acting as a festival insider agency and consulting with brands who spend money on sponsorships at events — we work on their behalf, finding the best opportunities, acting as the liaison in negotiations, curating programming & guests lists, booking talent, custom branded event ideation, branded activations, multiple event saturations, specialty pop up parties and promotions

Savvy Media is an agency of collective intelligence, by connecting our clients to the best opportunities among the best people in the business!

We create experiences for a very high profile VIP demographic, incorporating brands to be apart of their experience surrounding #savvycity events. Delivering a strong value proposition to our partners, we target tastemakers and influencers in the interconnected worlds of music, art, fashion & emerging technology. Our job is to find the proper influencers and give them character specific gifts, while sparking a fire for them to create and post content that’s original and reflects who they are!

Why do we do this? In order to hire a professional marketing company, you will need to be aware that the competition is fiercer than ever. By simply looking into our professional marketing services, you are several steps ahead of the competition, but, not choosing a professional could hinder your company and push you to the back-end of success.

Creative brand integration is our specialty! Since 2009, Savvy Media has been an independent resource for unrivaled and cutting edge marketing strategies. We pride ourselves in providing a market where professionalism and memory making collide.

We focus on creative media, high quality content, adapting our strategies to your personal needs. In this way, we can be sure that you will get the best services. Now that you know about us and about what you really need, you can decide. Focusing on the emerging digital media and high quality content, we adapt our strategies to your personal needs. In this way, we can be sure that you will get the best services, and be savvy while doing so. Now that you know about us and about what you really need, you can decide.

Savvy is all about cooperation. We work with our partners to synergistically create custom programs tailored to our client’s objectives. We connect brands with the new and hottest artists, brand ambassadors, lifestyle trends & new technology. With new brand connections, we take them on a journey to numerous events that are amazing experiences, among the same demographic — VIPs who are behind the scenes creating dope experiences for many event hashtags and all of the media that goes with it. For example, some hashtags we are working with include: #artbasel2014, #sundance2015 #sxsw2015, #ultra2015, and #tomorrowworld2015.

Partnering with over 50 innovators in the new media space, Savvy Media’s clients are given a unique opportunity to have a one stop shop where all their needs are met by seasoned professionals. While most agencies specialize in one format or another, Savvy brings together industry leaders across all facets of media, forming a ‘super agency’. This unique collaboration gives clients exponential innovation and creativity by working with niche experts — and not their interns.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

1. Data Mining (Google Alerts, Instagram, Tumblr Stalking for Coachella Parties)
2. Social Engagement with these events & surrounding these hashtags on Insta & Twitter.
3. Researching accounts surrounding Coachella Festival
4. Running all Coachella Festival social media accounts
5. Marketing -- Outline programs, Analyze Data, and Put together much creative content.
6. Business Plan and Model// Laying the foundation.
7. Digital Media -->multiple duties putting pitches together & managing accounts

Benefits & Perks: 

Festival Tickets
Crazy Resume Builder - Coding, Celebrities, Branded Event Activations, High Profile Events, Swag from Brands, guaranteed job with a partner post graduation.

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week