Thank you for your interest in this internship! We are no longer accepting applicants at this time.

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  • Marketing
  • Fall
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 2016

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About Selfie Request : 

As a campus app ambassador, you'll be spreading the word about Selfie Request and helping to build a campus community centered around the experience of the Selfie Request App.



Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

In order to be an app ambassador for Selfie Request, you must exhibit the following qualities:

Very outgoing personality.

Full understanding of Selfe Request and how to field questions about the app.

Strong social media influencer.

Enrolled in college with connections to community and campus organizations.

Be awesome, friendly, and helpful to the community.


10 Hours Per Week



Benefits & Perks: 

As part of our launch, you will:

Gain valuable marketing experience.

Be the first to use Selfie Request! 

Get cash incentives and prizes for sign-ups.

This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on marketing experience with a friendly team and a fun product. Applicants must be in school and willing to dedicate about 10 hours a week. We are specifically looking for interns located in Manila, Philippines.

Intern Payment: 
Internship Description of Duties: 
You will be required to:  Raise awareness of the Selfie Request app within your social circle and campus community. Increase downloads of the app and encourage use of the app on your college campus. You'll use the app religiously and be the face of the brand on your campus. You'll be involved with sponsored events, having fun and getting others involved.