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  • Marketing & Sales
  • Spring
  • Boston, MA
  • 2017

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What is Shortcut? Shortcut is the easiest way to get a high quality haircut. Download the app and you’ll be instantly connected with the best barbers and stylists in your city, at a time and location of your choice. Whether it’s a last minute date or an important meeting, Shortcut is there to make sure you always look your very best. What is a Shortcut College Ambassador? A Shortcut College Ambassador is a true extension of our brand on campus. They are co-eds who know the value of convenient, premium haircuts in a time where most rely on shaky-handed roommates for buzz cuts. Now, they’re spreading the word about how Shortcut and AXE are changing the face (hair and style) of personal grooming to fellow students. What does a Shortcut College Ambassador Actually Do? Shortcut College Ambassadors get paid to guide their respective campus to peak dapperness each semester by educating their peers about the easiest, most effective ways to look their very best (hint: Shortcut). And they're equipped with the products and resources to do just that. The teams at Shortcut and AXE HQ will be there every step of the way to provide guidance and feedback. Our Ambassadors regularly compete with each other in challenges that actually translate to tangible real world job experience – in business development, social media and PR . This probably isn’t what your parents meant when they told you to “get a job,” but it’s pretty close. Responsibilities include: - Social media posting - Leading on-campus communication effort about both Shortcut and AXE - Educating student body on Shortcut and AXE - Encouraging peers to download the Shortcut application - Organizing on-campus events for premium haircuts and styling with trusted grooming products Email to apply!

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