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  • Social Media
  • Summer
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  • 2011

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Simon G Jewelry is a leading trendsetter in the fine jewelry category. They are rated in the top 3 brands wanted in stores across the country. Simon G specializes in designing and making engagement rings and fashion fine jewelry. Simon G product can be found in over 900 high-end jewelry retail stores across the country as well as Canada and the Caribbean. The brand works with a great deal of celebrities in dressing them for various award ceremonies as well as with high-end designers in implementing our jewelry into their designs.

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Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

-Manage and maintain our Social Media Platform (Facebook, twitter, blog, etc.)
-Work with different print publications to develop and plan strategic partnerships
-Work with different digital publications to develop and plan strategic partnerships
-Propose and assemble a media print buy with a given budget.
-Propose and assemble a digital media print buy with a given budget
-Work with PR firm to secure and dress Celebrities.
-Help with event planning
-Work with retailers across the US, Canada, and Caribbean
-Develop training strategies for our retailers
-Visit retail stores for training seminars

Benefits & Perks: 


Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week