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  • Business
  • Spring
  • Dallas, TX
  • 2017

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About The Kolada Group: 

We are a business operations firm that helps incredible women business owners keep up with the momentum of their business. Maximum impact doesn't happen without massive support. We help them achieve both! We have a spunky, but professional attitude when it comes to business. 

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Responsibilities include:

- Plan and execute our social content calendars from top to bottom including creative strategy, photoshoots, monitoring campaign success, and reporting. This is all around the most experience you’ll get directly related to social media (without having to work 40 hour workdays in an office)

- Curate photos to create beautiful Instagram and Facebook feeds

- Suggest video content ideas for Facebook and Instagram Live

- Deliver value to social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis

- Learn the backend of platforms and become a pro at what it takes to create a truly engaging social presence

- Have autonomy to work as well as be a team player and suggest fresh new ideas for implementation


Skills Appreciated:

- Social media strategy

- Advertising coursework or experience

- Interest in entrepreneurship or women business owners

- Interest in business in general


Skills Required:

- Been on Facebook and Instagram before (doesn’t have to be in a business sense, but you understand how to use the platforms)

- Have a design eye and a HUGE willingness to learn (we don’t hold back!)

Please go ahead and send us your resume and cover letter through intern-queen, but also we'd love to get ot know you better through this quick application: 

Benefits & Perks: 

- A rocking recommendation or full-time job come graduation!

- Tons of portfolio work for you to present in the future

- 2 "biz trips" to Dallas on us to get a ton of content photographed and planned out at TKG HQ

Intern Payment: 
Unpaid Internship
Internship Description of Duties: 
We want our Social Intern to be able to show what women entrepreneurs are capable of doing in their businesses and lives when we build incredible support within their businesses. This means hanging with girlfriends, going on vacations, getting to talk to more customers, maybe even volunteering at a dog shelter! As our Social Intern, you truly bring our daily work to life! We want our feeds to be as resourceful and fun as possible! Our internship program is open exclusively to current college students and is eligible for college credit during the spring semester. This intern would be compensated for any books, courses, or trainings they wanted to attend for continuous learning. This would be at our discretion. Perks include 2 “biz trips” to Dallas for social media intensives, access to hundreds of hours of social media training, and a seriously fun virtual working environment. This role is remote 12-15 hours a week. Other requirements include your computer, a phone with a camera, transportation, and an understanding of Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be reviewing applications and will personally reach out to whether we are considering you or not. You can expect a response in 48-72 hours of sending your application in. We’ve spoken to several companies to figure out how we could make this internship beneficial for you to be hired afterwards. That’s seriously our goal. And we’ve compiled a pretty hefty responsibility list to make sure that happens. Your main goal at your graduation - you get hired. Our main goal at your graduation - you get hired. We would love the opportunity for this role to turn into full-time capacity! If we are really jiving and enjoying your incredible work, you won’t have to worry about jobs after graduation. If you end up wanting to take on a fresh new role after you graduate, no hurt feelings (well maybe a little). We still want to make sure you grow into an amazing employee for whoever you work for.
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week