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  • Fashion
  • Winter
  • Willow, AK
  • 2014

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About United Colors of Fashion: 

United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) is a New York City-based non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization with a passion to locally mentor under-resourced youth in New York City about the fashion industry through hands-on training in fashion education; and offer provisions of financial assistance, food, and clothing to youth in South Africa who are living with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia and paralysis.

The core mission of our organization is to Empower Youth Through Fashion.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Employer: United Colors Of Fashion, Incorporated
Website: Position Title: Social Media Specialist
Location: Remotely-will only be required to be present during a photo shoot, shooting of a campaign or fashion show, if there is no school at the time.
This is a non-pay internship.
Hours: A minimum of 1 hour per day is required, Monday-Friday.

Job/Internship Duties:The Social Media Specialist is responsible for maintaining the organization’s Social Media pages daily: Facebook, Twitter and IG. Also responsible for maintaining Strategy, developing brand awareness, generating in-bound traffic and encouraging support of our cause. This role coordinates with the internal Marketing and PR teams to support their respective missions, ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a social media referral network.
Required Skills: *Excellent written and verbal communication skills. * Strong project management or organizational skills
*In-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms and their respective participants (Facebook, Youtube, IG, Twitter etc.) and how they can be deployed in different scenarios
*Knowledge of blogging ecosystem relevant to the Company’s field
*Ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and verbal format, build and maintain relationships
*Team player, with the confidence to take the lead and guide other departments when necessary
EMAIL: Employer Contact Information
Contact Name & Title: Ciano Clerjuste-President and Chairman Phone: 917-266-4171 Email address:
United Colors Of Fashion is an Equal Opportunity Organization.
It does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, marital status, color, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, disability or veteran’s status.

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week