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  • Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Health
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 2013

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About Shift by Dana Perri: 

Meet Dana Perri

Age 5: Swimmer and gymnast. Age 20: College graduate. Today: One of the most sought after personal trainers of her generation. Dancer. Cirque du Soleil Artist. Aerialist. Choreographer. Athlete. Personal Trainer. Group Fitness Instructor. Life Coach. Nutritional Consultant. Her positive energy is contagious. Her individual attention to her clients and students is unparalleled. Her sincere concern for others is magnetic.

For over a decade, Dana Perri has helped over 100,000 people reach personal physical, mental, and emotional goals through her unique approach to health and fitness. Today, Dana brings you SHIFT – Shaping How I Feel Today. Dana makes the SHIFT environment different with her unique expertise.

We will Shock your muscles
You will Heal from the inside out
We will Inspire you
You will Feel invigorated
We will Train your lifestyle

With her passion to motivate those around her to defy limitation and embrace strength, Dana takes you on a journey of self-exploration. Through her real and direct process, truth is forced to the surface. This sometimes uncomfortable and scary place is where growth begins. It’s all about igniting the mind first, having a clear intention, and starting the process.

Now you can visualize your new life. Now is the time to make you a priority. Now make your dreams a reality.

Transform from the inside out.



Dana loves sharing her joy for fitness, and has built a following of loyal clients who have continued to train with her for many years. An avid learner, Dana continues to discover, motivate, and keep things fresh by staying on top of the most current fitness trends and attending a variety of fitness conventions throughout the year.

She holds certifications as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with AFTA (American Fitness Training of Athletics), is an IDEA Health and Fitness Association member, and is certified in CPR. She served as Creative Director and Director of Operations for one of the most successful fitness franchises in Los Angeles, and is an Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica.

Through this ongoing education, she delves further into her goals, creating individualized programs that bring strength and versatility to her client’s workout routines. She also is a nutritional consultant and thoroughly enjoys helping create personal programs through food and fitness for her clientele.

She inspires change.

She lives by example.

Dana Perri’s magnetic spirit enables her to positively influence others in making a commitment to follow an active, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.

Let’s SHIFT together!

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Shift Intern will be responsible for:

-daily posts to Facebook, Twitter, and other social outlets
-misc. small marketing tasks
-misc. PR tasks, including outreach on company's behalf
-may also be assigned some creative writing tasks

Intern Applicants should:

-have professional social media experience
-be very interested in health and wellness and personal fitness
-be very detail oriented
-have 10 to 15 hours a week to dedicate
-be able to post on social on Pacific Standard Time (does not matter if you are in another time zone, all posts need to be made with PST in mind)
-be familiar with social media aggregators like Hootsuite or Sprout Social
-be creative and have new ideas to bring to the table
-have strong writing skills
-be organized
-express enthusiasm for the role
-abide by strict timelines for posting
-be reliable, dependable and have strong communication skills
-be prepared to submit some writing samples for review

We look forward to hearing from you!

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week