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  • Social Media
  • Spring
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  • 2012

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The founders of Strategic Revolution set out to attack the entertainment & media landscape by challenging the conventional formula and creating a new approach and process. Strategic Revolution has over 30 years experience in the entertainment, media & technology sectors – including:

artist, producer, composer management
record label operations
placement of music in film/TV/advertising/web
brand development and sponsorship
publishing (music partnerships & attaining literary deals)
developing and implementing online social media strategies
worldwide touring (marketing, managing, booking)
developing & selling television programming
creating & building an IPTV system
producing live concert videos and DVD’s
website development
graphic design services: CD/ Vinyl album art, posters, and layout and merch
film/ TV/ IPTV/ music distribution operations
live speaking engagements and corporate events
creation of direct to fan merchandise and product development
celebrity endorsement, acting, hosting, modeling, and voice-over and more.

Strategic Revolution has been involved in the changing distribution and marketing of media; so we understand where the focus should be in today’s world. We guide our clients in order to leverage cutting edge revenue streams and methods of defining, growing and engaging their audiences. Our primary goal is to create focused and unique “Maps Of Operation” (MOO) that allow our clients to achieve their immediate and long range goals.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Qualifications and Experience
• Must have a formal background in web development
• Experience in WordPress & CSS development
• Candidate must be proficient with HTML, JavaScript & Facbook Page
• Familiar with design elements

Must work well under pressure, deadlines and on a team.
Please submit a cover letter and resume.

Equal Opportunity Employer

When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:
1. From when to when are you available for the internship?
2. Yes/No: Do you have experience in building and/or fixing WordPress sites?
3. List any active websites you have developed or contributed a significant portion of the code to.

Benefits & Perks: 
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week