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  • Fashion
  • Spring
  • Sandy, OR
  • 2016

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About Silverlabs: 

What is Vue?

Vue is a personal style network for the 99% of us who aren't models or fashion divas. On Vue, you chat about fashion/shopping needs with friends and stylists.

Most of us aren't exactly fashion divas or models. But, we do have the desire to feel good about how we look everyday. As consumers, we don't buy everyday and when we do, we crave a highly personal experience! Vue was born with this mission of making style personal and accessible to the 99% of us.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

How can you be on Vue?

Vue will be piloting soon in select high schools and colleges in the US. You can apply now to be a part of the founding team that will get your school qualified.

Who's a Vue Student Marketing (VSM) Lead?

You will be a member of the chosen founding team in a school or college. You will be responsible for introducing and growing the Vue community in your school/college. You will also serve as the content admin for your school (ensure there is daily activity in your group, motivate people to participate, provide ideas to personalize themes for your group and lead by example).

What makes you a good candidate?

- You hate being put in a bucket and served targeted ads. You want to make a difference in bringing more personal interactions.
- You are a people person. You just love talking to people!
- You can be very convincing. Say, you can convince your best friend that the sun rises in the West in Japan :)

What are the goals for a VSM Lead?

- Sign up the core lead team from your school/college (these will be your peer VSM leads).
- Get others in your school/college on the app.
- Find creative ways to motivate your group to be active on the app daily.

How do you apply?

Answer a few fun questions here and send in a 1-min video to telling us why you are right for the role!

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week