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  • Publishing
  • Spring
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 2018

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Want creative autonomy to design and implement your own projects?

We'd love to have you!

We are looking to hire one to two interns over the coming months, related to graphic design and marketing to help us out with our coaching business!

Brett Solomano is a Hollywood Stuntman, author, coach and speaker on overcoming fears and blocks in life. We have the basics in terms of website, a book and online courses to sell, youtube channel, a blog and some other free content but we are looking to streamline the systems of the marketing to ensure that the right people, who need our help with living their life to the fullest, find us and become subscribers and clients.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

-An understanding of fonts, pictures, photoshopping (or similar programs) and creating designs from scratch. Be able to copy designs from previous graphics utilised by the business and also be able to come up with new ideas and to fill in the blanks to make the designs look modern. 

-A basic knowledge of online tools and software like Wordpress, email marketing (Mailchimp) and Hootsuite or similar. 

-An impressive understanding of various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, hashtags and how to integrate them to generate traffic for an influencer-type business.

- Autonomy to work unsupervised. You will be given goals, relevant deadlines and the tools to make them happen. You are also encouraged to reach out any time however, by and large, you will be working indepently. 

-Creativity come up with, and a boldness to try, new things in the diverse fast moving world of online marketing.

-Willingness to communicate and challenge old ideas weekly. 

-A demonstrated ability to ask great questions. Questions are how we learn! 

Benefits & Perks: 


The benefits to you and your career would include:

We will tick off your hours toward your studies and course marks. 

Flexible work hours, often with days to a couple of weeks to complete projects, which means you'll have freedom to work at any time to your best schedule for life, ideas and workflow. 

We live by our values and will definitely encourage you to speak your mind, try new things and get out of your comfort zone. 

Work from anywhere in the world through the cloud. 

Freedom to create from YOUR ideas. A brief is where it starts but you will find that we often aren't attached to set ideas, giving you full freedom to try your methods, ideas and tools that you want to practice. 

You will get to showcase your ideas and see how online population responds to it.

Testimonials/references from an established author and speaker.

Potential for further employment based on the relationship and work we develop together. 

Intern Payment: 
Internship Description of Duties: 
-Ensuring that content is produced/reshared and published five days per week. -Email marketing for content promotion and sales. -Designing "one pager" infographic content as giveaways from prewritten content or basic drawings, designing inspirational quotes also other design tasks like logos, video editing amongst others. -Social media sharing to generate attraction (views), traction (subscribers) and action (clients) through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. -Blogging and website development to ensure the website is clean, fresh and powerful for our clients to get what they need.
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week