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  • Fashion, Marketing, Social Media
  • Spring
  • N/A,
  • 2016

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About Vue: 

What is Vue?

Vue is a personal style network for the 99% of us who aren't models or fashion divas. On Vue, you chat about fashion/shopping needs with friends and stylists.

Most of us aren't exactly fashion divas or models. But, we do have the desire to feel good about how we look everyday. As consumers, we don't buy everyday and when we do, we crave a highly personal experience! Vue was born with this mission of making style personal and accessible to the 99% of us.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Who's a Vue Stylepal?

A Vue Stylepal is a certified content specialist. You lead the app content by example and set the tone in interactions. You also bring creative use cases to Vue and show others how to do it.

What makes you a good candidate Stylepal?

- You want to feel good about the way you look every day.
- You enjoy fashion enough to keep up with the trends.
- You absolutely love interacting with people online (you love to chat! :))
- You have an eye for detail and are organized.
- You have good written communication skills and can be creative in your comments.

What are the goals for a Vue Stylepal?

- Post 3-4 aisles a day on Vue with 3-5 pictures each that follow our guidelines. An aisle is a collection of pictures related to an occasion or style.
- Interact with aisles from other people on a regular basis.

What is the time commitment required to be a Stylepal?

The target time needed on average is 30 minutes, spread through a day.

How do you apply?

Fill out some fun questions here and send us a 1-min video at

Benefits & Perks: 

We are a team of disruptive thinkers and innovators that share a deep passion for technology and people. We are committed to building a diverse company and and above all, a diverse community on Vue, where you will be the nucleus of your style needs. More importantly, you'll never wonder about how you look ever again!

Be part of our early team and help grow a community that is all about helping others feel beautiful everyday!

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week