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  • Advertising, Broadcasting, Business, Entertainment
  • Spring
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 2015

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About Savvy Media: 

Savvy Media Differentiates; a creative engine that works magic.

We curate a dream-team of specialty talent to execute your project. You envision it, we make sure you realize it. Sound fair?

Savvy Media is an agency specializing in creative brand integration—think brand mosaic. We make a marketing plan come alive.

Our Mission: Advertising 2.0 : Provide our clients a custom marketing plan that dazzles within a budget that carries it’s very own wow factor. We want you to understand how to leverage innovation; work smart utilizing new & emerging technology. We will get your thumb on the pulse of it. It is our absolute passion to do so. We live for it.

Who we are: A curated collective comprised of top performers from various highly innovative marketing verticals.

Since 2009, Savvy Media has been an independent resource of cutting edge marketing strategies that inspire.

Through our partnerships, we're able to offer services that add value, drive action, change consumer behavior, and achieve ROI.

What we're most proud of:
We've created our own technology, the SavvyCity App, which lives to enhance brands existing event marketing campaigns. With over 10,000 users, the #SavvyCity demographic is made up of hip, entrepreneurs & creatives that are shaping the marketing landscape & utilizing media to communicate in new ways.

The Skinny on #SavvyCity:
By leveraging highly populated hashtags in culture, we are able to attach brands to events and create online conversations that assist in connecting new products to tastemakers in an authentic way.
Download it here >>

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

This job is dealing with highly influential people, brand reputations, high profile events, and revolutionizing the advertising / influence game, pretty much.
Job Duties Include a Chosen 5-10 of the below 50
1. Data Mining (Google Alerts, Instagram, Tumblr Stalking for Art Basel and Sundance Parties)
2. Social Engagement with these events & surrounding these hashtags on Insta & Twitter
3. Community Management on Twitter / Instagram of 5 of the biggest festivals each week
4. Management of a Calendar with the up to date information on these events
5. Creative Writing / Data Insertion (Party & Festival Write Ups) both on our app & on Tumblr
6. Creative Writing & Research / Content Creation in the vertical of your choice
7. Manage Video Channels on Social Media (Vine, YouTube, Vimeo)
8. Event Planning for Art Basel Programs utilizing specialty tools like Splash That
9. Facebook Analyst, Researcher & Manager
10. Influencer Directory Compilation --> Searching for contact info of top influencers in cities
11. Management of Client List by Industry & Market // LinkedIn Account Management
12. Pitch Deck Creation in specific industries
13. Creative Marketing Programming --> putting together creative pitches based on client needs, budgets and brainstorming sessions
14. Account Management - Client Outreach, Brand Folder Organization, Account Executive
15. Sponsorship Coordinator - liaison between sponsorship & event. Client Outreach
16. Business Development Lead - Outreach, Working Businesses Networks
17. Head of PR - Generate PR, Write and Distribute Basel Release, Act as Contact
18. PR Directory by Market Excel Sheet Maintenance
19. Writer --> Write Canned Responses and templates for Outreach on numerous topics
20. Research Analyst --> study sites like Mashable & utilize the newest analytics tools to stay on top of our game for clients
21. Graphic Designer to maintain our Wordpress Website, Design Flyers & Assist in Building Shopify Store
22. ECommerce Expert -- Asssist with Shopify Clients
23. Contract Creation and Management
24. Organization --> Google Drive, Evernote
25. Professsional Network Site Management - Young Entreprenuership Council
26. 25. Professsional Network Site Management - Founders Card
27. Professsional Network Site Management - The Ivy
28. SkillShare Teaching Site Management - Course Creation Materials
29. Savvy Media Website & Blog Management
30. SavvyCity App Lead -- Management of team
31. Brand Activation Team -- Creative Ideas - lead creative team
32. Ghostwriter -- Articles, Press Mentions -- CREATIVE WRITING!
33. Blogger -- Street Style, someone great with digital and social media lingo thats FUNNY!
34. Promoter -- Best skill for any job comes from experience being a promoter
35. Partnership Management - Savvy Media Marketing Partnership Management, Foster Relationships with New Partners
36. Artist / Talent Data Management // App Upadtes - Follow Tours, etc.
37. Web Development - edits to Wordpress Site
38. SEO Junkie - someone to assist in making our rankings come up stronger
39. Wikipedia Writer & all Savvy Brand Associated Sites
40. Marketing Manager - Outline Programs, Analyze Data and Put together much creative content.
41. Media Kits ---> brand / Industry / event specific
42. Infographics --> learning via tools like info.graphly to create graphics and new data
43. Client Outreach with new programs
44. Business Plan and Model // Laying the Foundation
45. Legal --> set business up for funding, manage domains and contracts
46. Entertainment Agent - Manage relationship and communication with various talent managers, talent and event producers
47. Assistant to the Creative Director
48. Digital Media Executive --> multiple duties putting pitches together & managing accounts.
50. Global Festival Insider


Benefits & Perks: 

Festival Tickets
Crazy Resume Builder - Coding, Celebrities, Branded Event Activations, High Profile Events, Swag from Brands, guaranteed job with a partner post graduation.

Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week