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  • Advertising, Architecture & Interior Design, Automotive Industry, Broadcasting, Business, Business Industry, Entertainment, Fashion, Gaming & Console, Graphic Design, Health, Hospitality, Human Resources, Internet & Media, Journalism, Marketing, Marketing & Sales, Non-Profit, Online, Photography, Political, Public Policy, Public Relations, Publishing, Social Media, Software Development, Tech, Web Development
  • Summer
  • Beijing, 11
  • 2018

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About MCO Internships: 

Looking For an Out-Of-The-Box Experience, Cultural Exchange, Real-World Learning Opportunity? MCO's mission is to bring young international talent into Cambodia to fill high-value internship positions. We work with leading Domestic and International businesses, NGO’s, and organizations in Cambodia & China

What Is The MCO Program?

We Help You Hit The Ground Running In An Unfamiliar Environment. Have everything set up and ready to go before you even board the plane and local support staff to meet you when you arrive and an event filled internship experience.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

We are looking for candidates that are open-minded, interested in discovering new places and striving to be culturally agile. Why culturally agile? These days, everyone is graduating from university, so you need a way to distinguish yourself from your peers. In this globalized world, being able to work across cultures and in diverse environments is key to success.

You don’t need to choose between backpacking and developing your career. Sign up for our travel internships and do both.

We provide interns and entry-level workers with vetted positions in emerging economies to give you the best and most applicable work experience.

These positions are not in your backyard. We send interns all over the world to exotic locations where your skills are in demand. This means no fetching coffee for the boss or being the king of the copy machine. You will learn skills that will get you ahead of your classmates/coworkers and become culturally agile.

Because of our large international network that spreads from China to SE Asia, we are able to provide internship positions that can help you develop practical skills and will look good on your resume. Ninja ice cream taste testers, need not apply.

Here are sample positions that we are recruiting for:

• Entertainment Internship with DMG (China)
• Digital Marketing with Ogilvy (China)
• Editorial Internship with Vogue China (China)
• Finance Internship (China)
For those enthusiastic individuals who have always wondered what it would be like to work in an exciting, fast-paced industry like investment services, your search is over. St James’s Place is currently seeking outgoing individuals who think they have what it takes to be a part of Shanghai’s most influential financial services organization. Whether you are starting your career, are looking for your next career move, or are a seasoned professional from the industry of investment services, you may find a professional challenge that's right for you.

• Design Internship with Creative Agency (Cambodia)
As a creative agency, we provide our clients design and marketing solutions to stand out. We are detail oriented and understand that the smallest details can have the biggest impact and we aim at delivering work that fits our client’s high expectations. Our clients include: Audi, Hennessy,
The British Chamber of Commerce, and many other local and international organizations.
This internship position is adaptable to your abilities and what you are able to contribute to the
Creative team.

• Entrepreneurial Internship (Cambodia)
We are not looking for an average person to join us on this internship placement. We are looking for someone awesome, who shares our values and is single mindedly focused on seeing them achieved. Your work will be busy and varied. You must enjoy working in a busy and dynamic environment, love solving problems and be willing to get stuck into any task, big or small. Because you take pride in seeking out and fixing potential problems before anyone is affected, you will enjoy being one of the heroes of our working community.

• Marketing with Mercedes (Cambodia)
• HR with Adidas (Cambodia)

We are currently recruiting for over 100 positions in Advertising, Animation, Business, Finance, Marketing, Design, Fashion, Engineering, Architecture, CIS, Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, and Real Estate Management.

For detailed internship descriptions, please contact us at info@mychinaopportunity

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