• Non-Profit
  • Summer
  • Washington D.C., DC

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About Truth Initiative : 

Pay: TBD based on the event, but minimum is $25/hour

Join us for the job of your dreams as a truth Rider. We travel the country stopping at some of the biggest music festivals, creator events, colleges, and action sports events the US has to offer throwing huge parties and helping bring truth to life on the ground to fight the forces and impacts of addiction.

You'll be traveling with some of the coolest people on earth - truth riders - while working long days and talking to more people than you have during your entire life (you'd be surprised how tiring talking can be). Rain or shine, we need the best of the best. Still interested and think you're up for the challenge?

Your job:

  • Work hard - It’s fun, but you'll spend long days putting in sweat from set up to breakdown.
  • Be a team player - You'll be part of a unique team made up of other truth riders selected from all over the country. You'll work together and make memories both on the job and on the road. These friendships and connections will change your life!
  • Be outgoing - You'll have to creatively engage others at events while giving away some kick-ass truth® merch. You'll hold down a crowd, play games with friends, and have amazing personal conversations with people from the east to the west coast.
  • Road Warrior - Stay sane while travelling from hotel room to hotel room. Long days, short nights, roommates and sore muscles. Sound fun? Yeah, we dig it, too.

The most important quality we seek is someone who is comfortable being themselves. If you’re a fashionista, musician, DJ, or just someone who likes to work their arse off to change the world, then we would love for you to apply.

If you can talk to anyone, tell a good story, and engage a crowd we are looking your way.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 
  • 21 years or older 
  • Comfortable with crowds 
  • Comfortable using a microphone 
  • COVID Vaccine