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  • Journalism
  • Fall
  • New York, NY
  • 2018

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A premiere luxury lifestyle publication, SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked™ is an inside guide to your city’s best bars, restaurants, events, attractions, and shopping + entertainment options. Covering food, fashion, nightlife, travel, culture, music, movies and more, the magazine gives you all the tools you need to discover the top hotspots in today’s most celebrated locales – and live like a local. Audiences can tune in regularly for expert picks and recommendations from today’s top trendsetters, and quickly discover how to plan the perfect day, weekend, or escape faster and easier than ever before.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Ability to complete a video project from start-to-finish

Intermediate videography and editing skills

Proficiency with Adobe Premiere, or similar video editing software

Experienced in shooting video and photos with DSLR cameras and similar

Intermediate skills or higher in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or similar photo editing software

Basic skills with graphic design and typography

Intermediate writing skills

Strong communication and teamwork skills

Create a wide variety of digital content, including features, tours, best ofs, product round-ups, tutorials, how-tos, humorous videos, short and long documentaries, and other video content

1-2 years relevant experience in videography and editing

Experienced in lighting and audio


Intern Payment: 
Paid Internship
Internship Description of Duties: 
New travel and lifestyle magazine that covers restaurants, events, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle topics, and more is currently seeking a creative and talented Video Producer / Editor - capable of scripting, shooting, and editing videos from start to finish - to help create product videos, event coverage, video shows, corporate shorts, blog how-tos, tutorials, and more. In this role, you will be working with our editorial and marketing teams to create scripts, film, edit, and deliver highly-polished videos. They may be used in a variety of places such as our website, social media channels, partner channels, YouTube, and various other outlets. The role will also involve editing/updating our existing videos and taking event, product and company photos. Video thumbnails and in-video graphics will be requested as well. We are looking for a candidate who can create a video project from start to finish. You will be a part of the brainstorming sessions with our editorial and marketing teams to come up with the content ideas and vision for each video. Due to the wide variety of projects you will be involved in, there will be lots of opportunity for development of not only your video production skills, but also your editorial + marketing skills.
Hours Required: 
15-30 Hours Per Week