Thank you for your interest in this internship! We are no longer accepting applicants at this time.

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  • Public Relations
  • Fall
  • New York, NY
  • 2018

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About Astonish Media Group: 

Astonish Media Group, LLC is a strategic media company based in New York City.  Founded in 2000, Astonish offers media services ranging from public relations and branding to content syndication, publishing and client management.  The eclectic focus of the agency is the reflection of founders Paula and John Conway, whose backgrounds include entertainment, public relations, publishing, writing, reporting, talent representation and television production.

What is a strategic media company? It’s a company that can not only get you on the TODAY show, but get your book published, represent you for speaking engagements, help re-brand your business, and create dynamic partnerships with businesses you want to be connected to. Authors, publishers, content aggregators, and publicists, we are many and we are very good at what we do. Learn more about our astonishing experts.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

This is a VIRTUAL internship, It requires someone who can truly self-manage her or his time. Additional requirements and personality traits needed:

- Ability to tolerate criticism, with nearly bullet-proof skin;

- Ability to both read and listen, carefully and actively;

- Ability to take notes on every call or contact made;

- Ability to update the internship portfolio as you go along, to codify procedures;

- Ability to prioritize, using excellent time management skills;

- Ability to be exceedingly well organized;

- Ability to focus on details in a practical and sensible manner.

- Ability to follow up with your supervisor to create on-going to-do lists;

Benefits & Perks: 

You get to work remotely, which gives you a lot of flexibility.  This can be an awesome experience for the right person.

Intern Payment: 
Internship Description of Duties: 
If you love books, want to gain practical PR/publicist skills, and are prepared to work hard in a flexible but intense environment, then this internship is made for you! Our intern must have drive, excellent communication skills, and superb time management habits. She or he must also be detail-oriented, creative, self-motivated and focused. This opportunity is not for someone who thinks “being virtual” will mean it’s going to be easy! Our “book promotion internship” offers a unique opportunity to be part of an extremely successful boutique PR team working with New Collegiate Publishing to promote their latest titles in parenting and real estate. As part of our team, you will gain skills from media management, to journalism and expository writing. Combined with effective communication skills, and business savvy, your time with us will give you a strong background for any PR job. You’ll need to be open to lots of feedback, both positive and negative — from the press, your supervisor and our client — and deal with it with humility and humor. Weekly PR Duties Include: 1.) On-going training and creating media lists on Agility; 2.) Deep research on media, insiders, influencers (on your bespoke media lists); 3.) Creating agendas for weekly meetings (your meetings with staff); 4.) Taking comprehensive and detailed notes on every call or contact; 5.) Creating follow-up to-do’s for yourself, based on weekly meetings; 6.) Updating the internship portfolio with all your results; 7.) Sending out media inquiries and following up with media contacts.
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week