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  • 2013

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About What Goes With This: 

We started What Goes With This? because we love shopping, love fashion, love online everything, but hate to shop for clothes online.

Have you ever gone shopping with a friend, who might have suggested something you would never have thought of before? Maybe a new brand, a new way to dress down a dress, or a try a new style?

You go out feeling like a different person, and sometimes, magic happens. You’re a new, fresh you - it feels like you’re walking in someone else’s shoes for a minute, and people notice. This is what is awesome about fashion. It’s a personal expression that reflects your personality, but, like any part of you, you can change at any time. We think, for the better.

We want to bring friends together to talk fashion, recommend things, and make the world a more stylishly fun place.

What Goes With This is a rapidly growing fashion community where you can ask questions, give recommendations and discover style inspiration.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Our interns will be part of a small, growing start-up company that helps our members look and feel great through style inspiration and a fun online community.


● Growing our community! You are the type of person that all of your friends go to for new and cool things, like new websites to join. You’re active on campus and usually the first of your friends to find cool things and they are quick to follow. You’ll be spreading the word around campus about What Goes With This? and getting people excited about this next big thing!

● Manning social media! You feel a void if you don’t Instagram multiple times a day. Without Twitter you might as well be mute. You have more friends on Facebook than your parents think is humanly possible, but it’s true, you’re just that popular. You’ll be taking photos of great style at school and posting it on Instagram. You’ll promote your favorite members and WGWT posts on Facebook and tweet to brands and style icons.

● Blogging! You have a lot to say and you’re pretty damn funny too. Blog about fashion trends, style do’s and don’ts, your favorite fashion moments and other creative ideas that you’re busting out of the seams to have purpose and write about.

● Being a fashionista! You are a personal stylist to basically all of your friends and family. You have a lot of ideas and love fashion. You want to work in the fashion space and are looking to build experience. You’re excited to be part of something entrepreneurial where you can work on things that make a difference. You’ll spend 20% of your time coming up with your own ideas and projects, so we like it when you aren’t just looking for a job with really strict guidelines and you like to make your own rules.

You’ll be part of a small, energetic company that is growing rapidly, and are looking for people who are self-starters and will thrive in an unstructured, early stage startup environment. We love being the hub for every fashion question and helping people look and feel great in what they wear. We hope to find a like-minded interns to join the team. This is an unpaid internship, so we really mean that—we want someone who is genuinely passionate about fashion and its intersection with technology.

*Perks:* Did you say unpaid? Yes. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in it for you.

We know it’s hard to break into fashion, so we will provide a letter of recommendation to all of our interns as well as help you create that perfect section of your resume talking about your experience.

We also have frequent giveaways for our top interns - everything from gift cards to fashion week tickets.

*Location:* Nationwide

*How to apply:* Your style should speak for itself. Go to What Goes With This?, join the site, and participate. Make ten recommendations. Once you’ve done that, send a link to your profile to (jobs @ We want to see what you put together for real people looking for fashion advice.

*We’re looking forward to hearing from you!*

Benefits & Perks: 
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week