Thank you for your interest in this internship! We are no longer accepting applicants at this time.

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  • Journalism
  • Summer
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  • 2011

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YourTango is a fast-growing web magazine providing content devoted to love and relationships.

Requirements/Necessary Skills for Recruitment: 

Responsibilities include:
- writing for our news/trends/celebrity blogs
- contributing content ideas for video, features, photo galleries, etc.
- photo research and editing
- social media marketing
- and content production.
Students should have:
—Excellent writing skills
—Photoshop experience
—Familiarity with online media (basic HTML, CMS experience, knowledge of SEO)
If you are not receiving college credit, you will instead receive a $500 flat fee, payable at the end of the internship.
If you are not receiving the stipend, you may receive college credit.

Benefits & Perks: 
Hours Required: 
12-15 Hours Per Week