Interview With Amanda Montgomery

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Interview With Amanda Montgomery

This is a guest post written by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Kalani, from
the University of North Texas. Kalani is a photojournalism and photography

I had the opportunity to speak with Amanda Montgomery(@acmontgomery), the Marketing Manager for Social Media Delivered, an international social media optimization form located in North Texas, Paris, and France (, about the importance of networking and using LinkedIn.

Latest LinkedIn Facts via

- LinkedIn has over 85 million members in over 200 countries.

- A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of the members are outside of the U.S.

- Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members

Q: How do you personally use LinkedIn?

A: I personally use LinkedIn to 1) follow up from professional industry networking events, to connect with people online so I can maintain relationships. 2) as a cross recruiting tool for people on a more personal level. 3) to participate in trade groups and discussion about industry news and buzz. I use groups to stay on top of my A-game in breaking Social Media news. And 4) to expand our brand as an organization.

Q: What do you feel makes LinkedIn important?

A: Online Netiquitte, -80% of people check you out on Facebook and LinkedIn. I see LinkedIn as becoming the primary way you should be listed online. It&s such a wide gamut of infomation you can post there. I personally think it&s the greatest thing to happen to social media as it drives return on relationships. I encourage people to break their addiction with Facebook and try out a little LinkedIn medicine!

Q: How do you think it helps in a professional world and in actually finding jobs?

A: A great thing about LinkedIn is that you are able to connect with job seekers and job searchers - you really go back to the core principal of creating a network and establishing an online reputation by learning and continuing to educate yourself.

Q: What about having LinkedIn while in College?

A: It&s a vital tool. Critical. More vital than air. I mean, you have to breathe but if you could trade, it&s more important than air. If you want to be taken seriously, that&s where you need to be. Your profile needs to be optimized. Have the right things plugged in. Be proactive. Reach out in groups. Don&t be afraid to send notes. If you&re going to events trying to find job leads and you meet some people, don&t be afraid to send them notes. Most people I have hired have been from referrals, and LinkedIn is a great way to connect. The term “if you know 10 people you know 10 thousand”  is really true for LinkedIn.

Q: What do you think LinkedIn&s roll while seeking internships is?

A: internships are a job, in my opinion, and you should act accordingly. When you treat an internship as a full time job the long term benefits will be ten fold. When you set a pattern in your behavior, you set standards for yourself. All of it is centering around an optimized professional that knows all the information they can.