Interview with Tess Felber, a Go-Getter

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Interview with Tess Felber, a Go-Getter blog image

Interview with Tess Felber, a Go-Getter

Jacqueline Murphy is a Communications & Studio Art Major and a business Administration Minor at the University of New Hampshire.

Tess Felber is a senior Communications major at the University of New Hampshire. Felber has had interesting internships at both Verizon Fios and The New Hampshire Wedding Magazine. She is a driven individual who is actively interning in Rhode Island this summer.

1. You have had impressive internships; do you have any advice for students in their application process?
While looking for internships you always have to keep your options open, remain positive, and do research about what you really want. For most of the internships I have had, such as Verizon and NH wedding magazine, I went out and talked directly to the source. I emailed the owner of the magazine and offered to work for free at her bridal shows. Knowing that it would benefit my future, I wanted as much experience as I could get in event planning.

2. What were your daily duties and responsibilities at either or both of your positions?
At Verizon, I was a sales intern, and involved in a management in training program. I loved experiencing both the management and sales dimensions of the company. The sales aspect was direct sales, so I was out in the field everyday promoting their phone, TV, and Internet service package, Verizon Fios, to local businesses. This internship was all about talking to people and communicating all day, everyday, it was great! To some people sales is a stressful environment but my approach was to be informative and never aggressive with customers.

3. Do you feel like your education experience was applicable to your internships? For instance, would you encourage students to apply to purely their areas of study or branch out?
I do believe that my education experience was applicable to my internships at some points. However, overall I don’t think that staying relative to your degree is necessary. My main focus for a career is event planning and strong communications skills go hand in hand with that. The topics I learned about in class focused more on media than interpersonal ways in which to communicate, so branching out is awesome! A lot of the stuff you learn in school you will never apply to your life (no offense UNH!)

4. This summer you are working two different jobs, WAY TO GO! How important do you feel it is to be time flexible and accommodating at entry-level positions and internships?
Thanks! I am really excited about both of them so it makes my approaching graduation a little bit easier! This summer I am still going to be an intern since I have plans to move out West next ski season, but I think being accommodating and flexible is very necessary in entry-level positions. I think students need to remember that everyone has to start somewhere and working your way up is what it is all about. You have to put in the long hours and grunt work in the beginning. But if you love what your doing it won’t be bad.

5. What was your favorite memory of your past internship experiences?
My favorite memory would have to be all the amazing people I met at Verizon this summer. While I was there, my particular office had the highest number of sales in the entire surrounding region for our campaign, multiple weeks in a row. It was really exciting to do well as a team and being rewarded on our great work.

6. Is there any other advice you would like to give present and future interns?
Advice I would pass along to present and future interns would be to meet as many people as possible, learn as much as you can, and always keep your options open because you never know what could happen! My internship this summer I pretty much walked into. I was talking to a friend of a friend explaining how I wanted to get into event planning, and he told me of the company. From there, I emailed the president explaining my interest in the industry. He asked me if I wanted to job shadow what he does for a few days and from there, he was so impressed by my interest that he offered me the summer position! Overall, just remain positive, do as many internships as possible to figure out what you like and do not like, and everything will fall into place!