Interview with Writers of The First Affair!

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Interview with Writers of The First Affair!

The book, The First Affair, hits shelves today and because it's a great novel about an INTERN - I had to get the first scoop. I had the opportunity to chat with the two authors of the book, Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus (best-selling authors of The Nanny Diaries), to hear all about the book and of course -- how they got to where they are today!

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I'll run this for you in Q&A format:

Intern Queen: You guys are an amazing pair of writing partners, how did you meet?

Nicola: We both went to NYU and had one class together. We actually didn't meet until after we graduated! We were both nannies. At that time, there were lots of articles about how hard it was for the rich to get help. Emma reached out to me and said she'd love to write a book together about being nannies! We sold it in the summer of 2000.

IQ:What a great story! And it really shows the power of collaboration....Were you creative writing or lit majors in college?

Nicola: No! We were studying child development and had a ton of internships. All of our internships taught us about what we didn't want to do (which was great!).

IQ: It's funny how you don't have to be a certain major to pursue a specific field. You really can think outside of the box. Lots of our readers want to write books some day. How did you write your book? What was your process like?

Nicola: We really just started. The beginning was all about generating and not concentrating so much on the editing (at first). Remember, you don't have to write the beginning of the book at the beginning. Take your editing hat off and just generate. When you have 30-100 pages down you can start to think about shape of the material (and the editing). Ask yourself questions like, what is the arc? What will the protagonist know at the end that they won't know at the beginning?

IQ: That's so helpful -- and interesting. When you write non-fiction, you have to submit a book proposal before someone will buy it. With fiction books, what do you need to do?

Nicola: Normally, you have to write it first. And write a great proposal letter identifying things in the marketplace that are similar and have been successful and explain what hole your book is filling in the marketplace.

IQ: The First Affair is about an intern. Why did you want to use the intern world?

Emma & Nicola: Everything was interesting about the space. We remember when we were first starting out (interning). It was a time in our lives when everything was up in the air. We thought it was fascinating for this intern character to meet someone who is the most powerful person in the world and then get sort of sucked into his scheduled lifestyle. It seemed like a juicy story! We loved the status imbalance and power imbalance of it all.

IQ: And why are all of the Intern Queen readers going to LOVE your book??!

Emma & Nicola: We've worked hard to capture the state of mind of being 21. The jet-lag that is that time period. We know what it's like to all of a sudden go from knowing who you are going to eat with every weekend and borrowing clothes constantly to suddenly being in the real world and having friends scattered all over the country. This is a really hard time. There is something about that time that resonates with young people.

IQ: As a writer, I have to ask, what is your favorite place to write?

Nicola: I actually don't have a lap top. I have a desk top so I write in my little nook in my apartment. For me, having that one place with my sticky notes and rubber bands works best. And I love my iMAC!

Emma: My basecamp is Nikki's childhood bedroom in her childhood apartment! Sometimes I'll go to the SOHO house, Le Pan, or a hotel lobby!

IQ: And Emma, what is your go-to for technology?

Emma: My Mac Book Air (that I dream about) and my iPhone that I couldn't function without. We're Apple girls!