Interviews via Skype!

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Interviews via Skype!

This is a guest post by our campus ambassador Andrea Teggart from Ohio University.

It&s interview season so hopefully you&ve been applying for summer internships this week! Many of you have probably had phone interviews, but one type of interview that is always a little tricky to plan is the Skype interview. Get your game face on (literally!) because more and more companies are asking potential interns to interview via Skype. I&ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to breeze through your next Skype interview.

  • Get in the right location! Skyping while lounging in your bed may work while Skyping with your mom, but NOT for an interview. At Ohio University, our Career Services office has rooms for students to conduct phone and Skype interviews in that are professional, clean and quiet. Your school probably does too! If not, find a place with no noise and a plain background. Avoid busy areas and places with distracting backgrounds. Think plain and simple so the interviewer can focus on YOU!
  • Eye contact! You know how important it is to maintain eye contact in interviews and in meeting people anywhere, but it&s a little awkward when Skyping. We are drawn to look at the screen and the image of ourselves, but peel your eyes away from the screen and to the top camera icon on your computer. When you look at the camera, you are "looking" directly at the interviewer rather than yourself
  • Practice, practice, practice! Ask your parents or friends if you can "conduct" a more serious Skype interview with them to make sure you understand how each button works, how to make the screen larger, etc. Treat these examples as practice interviews and use the time to work out any kinks or confusion you have with the Skype software.
  • DRESS TO IMPRESS: Just because the interviewer can only see you from the chest up does NOT mean you should be Skyping in pajama pants! Put on a FULL interview outfit including shoes. You never know if will be asked to stand up or something like that and it would be horrifying to be dressed on top, but not on the bottom half of your body. For girls, opt for a blouse with a blazer or sweater and show off your personal style with a patterned scarf or necklace. Guys, I&d go with a sweater or collared shirt! Obviously, your dress code depends on the type of internship you are applying for, but make sure to dress the part even if though it&s a video interview! Don&t forget to keep your hair out of your face!
  • Speak clearly. Dont rush, don&t whisper, don&t yell. Speak in a modest tone and articulate your words so the interviewer has no problem understanding what you are saying!
  • Last minute tips! Conduct a trial run...turn on Skype, make sure the volume and speakers are on. Take a photo on your computer of what you look like to make sure you are at the right level. The picture of me on this blog post is actually one I took before a Skype interview! I also suggest placing your computer at a table. It&s vital to do this quick trial run in advance to make sure your posture is correct, the camera angle is flattering, your outfit works and the background is flattering.
Hopefully these Skype tips helped! What experience have you had with Skype interviews? What other tips do you have? Send them my way or! Good luck on your next interview!
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