Introducing: Green-ternships!

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Introducing: Green-ternships!

I have to admit, that I’ve only recently boarded the “Green-ternship Train”. I’ve recently been in contact with the lovely founder of ( and I’m now trying to learn different “green-friendly” ways to run my business.
Students should really understand the growing trend of “Green Careers”. I recently termed these internship opportunities, “Green-ternships”.

Intern Queen Dictionary: GREEN-TERNSHIP – An internship associated with an environmentally friendly company.

Thanks to some great Green Websites, (, , I recently added a bunch of great Green-ternships to my website. I tried to make them as spread out around the country as possible, to provide more opportunities for more students. The Green Industry is growing daily. Employers around the globe are spending millions of dollars turning their workplaces into Green Environments. Get on board the internship and in this case, make it a Green-ternship!

Get a Green-ternship Today.

US Green Building Council Internship,
Location: San Francisco, CA

•Nova Columbus Environmental Graphic Design Internship,
Location: New York, NY

•Island Press – Publicity, Development, Marketing Internships,
Location: Washington DC

•Green Market Fundraising Internship,
Location: New Jersey

Conservancy of SouthWest Florida Internship,
Location: Naples, FL

•Clean Power Finance Internship,
Location: San Francisco, CA

UrbanGoGreen Event Planning Internship,
Location: New York, NY

•Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy Internship,
Location: San Francisco, CA

•Green Corps,
Location: Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA

I asked my friends on Twitter what they thought about “Green-ternships”

OhHeyJamie@InternQueen that's awesome! green internships!

suecwebber@InternQueen Count me in for Green Intern!!!

mrtoodamngood@InternQueen absolutely. All the money that the Obama administration is pushing into the green sector is where a good future is.