Introducing Our First High School Ambassador: Rose Gear

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Introducing Our First High School Ambassador: Rose Gear

Meet Rose our first High School Ambassador! She attends Valmeyer High School in Valmeyer, Illinois and will be graduating in 2013.

Let me say first that my career choices is to be an herbalist/aromatherapist, magazine editor, or to be in a singer/band. I&m focused on my career in high school because I want a future. I want to go somewhere and be someone. I want to succeed and the only way to make that happen is to have passion, imagination, and determination. I have all those three aspects in my mind daily when I think about my career choices and how they will turn out in the near future. The things I do to prepare and decide for my career choices is to research. This mainly goes with my herbalist/aromatherapist career choice. My library card is always full with all the herbal books I request. I prepared for my second career which is being a magazine editor by writing on my own blog about things that I love such as; oldies bands/musicians, upcoming concerts, and videos that I adore. I also have an account on LinkedIn,twitter,facebook,formspring,fastweb,luux,entrepreneur,blogtv,and blogtalkradio, so I&m pretty familiar with the technology of it all. I also write some articles on a site called TeenInk. I try to write as much as I can to get experience in the media/technology business. I&m very passionate about oldies music/musicians and the era&s of the 1960&s-1980&s so I try to collect as many items or what other people would call junk aka (Walkman&s and cassettes) as I can, and that&s what I usually talk about on blogtv or blogtalkradio among other different things. My third and last choice (for now) is to be a singer or join a band. I think everyone in their life has wanted to be a singer or musician in their life, but music is a real passion to me, and I really love singing. Hey, it would add some charisma to my writing. I&m preparing myself for that career choice by being in Choir and in Ensemble. I play the flute, going to start learning the guitar, and soon enough want to try out for Masterworks Chorale (a choir that travels around the world-very competitive to get in) so I&m practicing and taking my time so I will do it right.

Introducing Our First High School Ambassador: Rose Gear | Intern Queen Inc.


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