IPAD Apps You Need NOW!

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IPAD Apps You Need NOW!

This blog is written by Jackie, our campus ambassador from University of New Hampshire.

I did not understand the IPAD concept until I got one of my own. However, upon using mine I have fallen in love with it. It fits in my purse, allows for easy Internet access on the go and is a great way to read almost any book in addition to its many other uses! Here is a list of professional apps that I believe every working girl can benefit from:

1.    Keynote: Can help set up and be better prepared for speeches

2.    Scan to PDF: your IPAD becomes a scanner by downloading this app

3.    Pages: enables you to create documents on the go

4.    News Apps: specifically geared towards your professional interests; for instance, if you are interested in PR there is an app called ‘The Hot Sheet’ that shows all the top campaigns can be viewed in one place

5.    Drop Box or Log me In: Allow you to access your computer files on the go from your Ipad and even other computers

6.    ‘Trackster’: Is your morning commute is taking too long? Download this app ahead of time to avoid traffic spots. It even works as a radar detector letting you know where cops are on your route.

7.    Note-taker and/or Penultimate: Both apps allow you to take notes on the go by writing with your finger. Although it can sometimes be difficult to write this way, it is very quick and easy. If you have too much trouble using your finger to write you can buy special pens for the IPAD you can use for writing.

8.    I Heart Radio: Do you work better with music playing? This app allows you to listen to the radio while working commercial free!

9.    Thesaurus: helps prevent your writing and emails from being repetitive.

10.Blackboard: If your school uses this as its main form of communication, this app is for you! Its incredibly easy to use and allows you to access all of your teacher’s information and view uploaded PDFs and assignments with ease!