IQ Exclusive- How to Land a Summer Internship!

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IQ Exclusive- How to Land a Summer Internship! blog image

IQ Exclusive- How to Land a Summer Internship!

I can’t believe that we’re officially launching our class series today. We’ve been talking about this idea for over a year – but as you know – things take time and we had to make sure we could execute this in a super valuable way for all of you. First, we have a great private class for you on how to find and land a summer internship. The class is 40 minutes long and made up of 6 lessons. You can watch it all in one session (and take notes!) OR go lesson by lesson and follow my plan. I lay out deadlines, timelines, and a full strategy for finding and landing that summer internship. NOW is the time to start looking and taking your summer intern search seriously.

Secondly, not only do we have this amazing class – we also have a box of my favorite Intern Queen items to send you. We knew that value would be important to you so we wanted to JAM PACK this box! In the box, you have a signed copy of my internship book (of course), our favorite desktop calendar, our signature Intern Queen Tumblr, pencils, notebook, and Thank You Notes! Personally, I love getting new notebooks and things like this – they inspire me and keep me motivated.

I hope that you all can feel the love and excitement through the class and the gift items. We worked so hard to make sure that you LOVED everything and received valuable tangible tips and takeaways from the video.

To order the classes and gift items, please email us HERE. Welcome to our #IQExclusives – the start of a new adventure!