IQ Man: What I Wished I Learned in College

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IQ Man: What I Wished I Learned in College blog image

IQ Man: What I Wished I Learned in College

This IQ Man blog was written by Nicholas Bellamy, a businessman living in Dallas, Texas.

Looking back to the years that I spent running around the tree lined campus I now call my alma mater, it is impossible to think that I could have done some things different. A few months after graduation my degree arrived by mail. A very expensive piece of paper with a gold seal that now hangs in a diploma frame on my wall. I received a B.S. in Finance. But here is the catch, I really had not learned any skills. I had a larger vocabulary, completed a long-term task (college), and proved I was at least a little coachable. There are two things that I would recommend to those who seek a little advice:

1. I wish that I had specialized and learned a skill

2. I wish I had learned a foreign language (or two)

Learning a skill makes you valuable. For those of you who get general degrees that teach a bunch of information, an internship will add value to your degree. But learning a skill set to put next to the information is incomparable. Maybe it is computer science, maybe engineering, maybe you focus on human resource management or teaching… anything, just don’t look back as I do and go, “well, at least I have my degree!”

As far as the second language goes, with the evolution of the global marketplace I really don’t think this needs much explaining.

Your truly,

IQ Man