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This blog was written by our campus ambassador, Alicia, after Lauren came and spoke at her school, Towson University!

On Monday, December 5th, the INTERN QUEEN (Lauren Berger, of course!) came to Towson to speak to students about interning. The event was a huge success: 317 students were in attendance! The room was packed and everyone was inspired by Lauren’s message.

From the beginning, I was the point person on the event. I had contacted the Guild Agency (Lauren’s talent management agency) and was able to find a date and time that worked for the Towson PR Group and for Lauren, then it was a bit of a struggle to find a room on campus that can hold a lot of people and find the money from other on campus organizations to bring Lauren to Towson. After I was able to do that, I had to negotiate a few contract changes since my school is very particular about student groups signing contracts – it was really interesting to get experience with contract negotiation; and in the end, it’s a great talking point for interviews.

Once all the details were ironed out, it was time to start promoting! My group had a solid two weeks to promote the event because of Thanksgiving break, and it was a bit of a challenge. Luckily, everyone I worked with in the PR Group is incredibly talented and completely dedicated so our promotion schedule went smoothly. We had very professional flyers that were strategically placed around campus in the areas of high student traffic, a :30 PSA on our campus TV station, an article in our campus newspaper, strategic email communication efforts to alert faculty and students about the event, guerilla marketing to create buzz, and a rigorous social media outreach program using the designated hastag of #IQreignsoverTU. Overall, our promotions were successful because we had 317 students in attendance and a room capacity of 325!

So… here is what I learned:

  • Above all, I learned that you MUST be flexible. When going to pick Lauren up from the airport, we found out that her flight was cancelled and then changed and then delayed a few times. In total, I spent 6 hours in the car and at the airport before the event. But I stayed calm and used my extra time to surprise Lauren with cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes.
  • Expect everything to go wrong and plan accordingly.
  • Leverage your connections on campus to spread the word about your event – tell them why they should go and they will help you by getting their friends to go.
  • Use social media to personalize your promotions. Spread the word and get others to talk about it. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing!
  • Lastly, I learned to sit back and enjoy the event that I’d spent so much time and energy planning. Lauren absolutely rocked the event!