It's the end of the semester, are you burnt out?

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It's the end of the semester, are you burnt out?

This blog was written by Maferly, our campus ambassador from Baruch College!

First of all, let me say, “I get it!!” I have a job, I go to school, I study, and I am active on campus. I do this all while miraculously trying to keep a bright and honest smile on my face. Many times, I feel tired, extremely exhausted and any self motivation I have left is consumed by the final assignments due before the quickly approaching end of the semester. We all want the semester to be over already, but are we giving it our all to finish strong?  Why do many of us just shut down when we are so close to finishing? Are we burnt out?

What does being ‘burnt out’ mean?

According to an article, on, about preventing burn out- burnout is defined as “a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. As the stress continues, you begin to lose the interest or motivation that led you to take on a certain role in the first place.”

Burn out is not caused by stress or frustration, rather by working too hard by choice.

Sound familiar??

Many students just want to get finals over and done with. We are stressed out from the long semester and last minute assignments. Giving our absolute all does not seem like an option towards the finishing line, but, this is the absolute incorrect way to go. If we are indeed burnt out and do nothing about it, it can affect your grades, your friendships, and your well being!

Look out for these signs:

According to you may be experiencing burnout if:

  • Every day is a bad day
  • Caring about your home or work life seems like a total waste of time
  • You’re exhausted ALL the time
  • The majority of your day is spent on tasks you find either mind-numbingly dull or overwhelming.
  • You feel like nothing you do makes a difference or is appreciated.

What to do if you are feeling burnt out:

  • Know the symptoms! Read about it and assess whether it is stress or indeed Burn out.
  • Once you have determined that it is indeed Burn out. Seek support!
  • Take care of yourself! NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU! Take care of your emotional and physical health. If not treated, Burn Out may affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Take a day to just relax. Procrastination often times is the cause for the assignment build up. Do all assignments on time, and give yourself a day to relax and get your thoughts together. Cool down the brain before it over heats.  Rent a movie, read a book, whatever you feel will make you feel relaxed, and finish the semester strong!  Just when you are about to cross the finish line your chest should be raised proudly knowing you ran the race with all your might! Keep focused, and keep your eyes on the prize which are- good grades and Happy Holidays!

Have you been feeling burnt out lately? Comment below and tell me how you dealt with it.