It's Never Too Early

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It's Never Too Early

My name is Grether Barbon and I am an incoming freshman and Posse
Foundation scholar from Mount Holyoke College  interested in
international relations and economics. Having been heavily involved in
different business organizations while in high school (such as FBLA),
I knew that I wanted to explore the corporate world. One tip that I
can offer to anyone searching for an internship: regardless of age or
experience is to research the company/business during the application
process. Researching the company you are interviewing with will set
you apart from other applicants and show the interviewers how serious
you are about fitting in to the atmosphere they have already developed
in their workplace. One memory that particularly stands out to me from
my interview process was how impressed the interviewers were at the
knowledge I had about each organization.

As a recent high school graduate, the concept of interning at a
high profile company before staring college in the fall motivated me
through  lengthy applications, stressful interviews, and sadly,
rejection letters saying that I needed more experience for the post.
It is easy to get discouraged when it seems as if you will never reach
the first stepping stone to launch a successful career. If you have
ever been in this position, you know exactly the kind of frustration I
am talking about. However, it is often said that when one opportunity
closes another is waiting for you.

After learning about a finance intern position at BURGER KING®
Corporate Headquarters, I knew this was the position for me. Now, I am
finishing my seventh week at the company and I love every minute of
it. I am currently working with both technical accounting and SEC
reporting which expose me to two different sides of a field I am
interested in. Through technical accounting, I am able to review
balance sheet reconciliations, document journal entries, and use
different computer programs to track BURGER KING® &s global revenue.
Working with SEC reporting, which deals with government paperwork,
gives me a whole new view into the world of finance. With this team I help to file quarterly reports, earnings releases, and different financial statements. My time with
both my co-workers and directors has been amazing in that they have
guided me in learning new things about accounting, finance, and the
general office know-how. This short time has already made an impact on
me and I know that keeping in touch with the networks I have made this
summer will give me guidance in other career moves I will make in the

Most importantly, my internship has taught me to never
underestimate myself or to feel embarrassed by asking for help from
others. As an intern here at BURGER KING® , there are TONS of resources to
help me better understand the complex world of assets and liabilities;
if I only stop to ask.