I’ve Graduated And Want to Be A PR Assistant!

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I’ve Graduated And Want to Be A PR Assistant!


Q: Hi Lauren,

I am an aspiring Publicist with significant experience including but not limited to, Arc NY/Rio PR, Gen Art Fresh Faces Fashion Show, Celebrity Service International and Anderson Group PR (Liza Anderson). I feel ready to take on an Assistant position with a public relations firm, however, I am not getting called in for an interview. I would love to work at 42 West, 5WPR, Rogers & Cowan, PMK/BNC, or BWR.

I've reached out to some of the firms mentioned above to job shadow, to meet with some of the publicist so I can gather advice, as well as help out at events and no one has replied to my messages. I wouldn't mind doing an internship with those companies BUT they will not accept me because I have already graduated from college.

With that being said, what do you suggest I do?



A: Hi Brandi,

I’m very familiar with the world of assistants so thanks for sending over  the note. The majority of publicists in Hollywood or NYC are extremely busy. They have to cater to their clients, assistants, and  interns all day long. So it isn’t  super common for them to take time out of their day to meet with someone unless they are hiring. I would concentrate  on trying to set general meetings with the HR departments rather than the actual  publicists. These are the people that will send out the feelers once a company is hiring.

Also, I would encourage you to do as much networking as possible. If you could find a common link between you and a publicist or a publicist’s assistant, that would be great. I would use LinkedIn and your school’s alumni network to try to identify some alma matter that now work in celebrity PR.

You have to network with the assistants – don’t worry so much about the publicists. The assistants are the ones on tracking boards, going to networking events, and who really hear about who is getting hired and who is getting fired. Make sure you get the UTA job list which is a great resource for publicity job openings. The companies that you mentioned do have a decent turnover rate and are large enough that they will have a few openings each year. Its just a matter of knowing the right people so that they slip in your resume at the right time.

Good luck!

Lauren Berger


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