I've Had the Same Internship Twice and I Love It!

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I've Had the Same Internship Twice and I Love It!

This blog is written by Alicia, our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from Towson University. If you go to Towson and want to blog for us, comment here!

Like many of my fellow Campus Ambassadors and even some of you, I am living and interning in New York City this summer. It’s an incredible experience; one that I am very thankful for because I have the honor of interning with an agency I love for the second summer in a row (Jack Morton). I started last summer in Jack’s Exhibits office in New Jersey and loved the agency so much that this summer, I am completing my 5th internship in New York. Hopefully, my intern career at Jack Morton won’t end here; I am hoping to intern in a different office next summer and learn even more about the agency.

My big advice for this blog post is this: if you find yourself interning with an agency you love, try to work with them again in the future. If your internship organization has more than one office, try to intern in a different location and get as much experience you can (if you are in an industry that you want to pursue after college). Interning with the same company more than once will give you a deeper understanding of the work the agency does within the industry, and it increases your chances of securing a job after college.

Any way you look at it, internships are a huge investment in your future and you can never have too much experience. Not only are you investing in yourself by interning, your host organization is investing in your future by teaching you and giving you a wealth of experience that employers are looking for. So while you are interning this summer, be sure to acknowledge that the organization saw your incredible potential and wants to help you grow. Remember to get to know everyone in the office (you will need these contacts later and they have great things to teach you), to ask for help when you need it, work hard, and be thankful for the incredible opportunity you have been given!