Jenn's Take on "All Work, No Pay"

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Jenn's Take on "All Work, No Pay"

This is a post from our Campus Ambassador, Jenn from Arizona State University.

All Work, No Pay, is an amazing book that is going to not only benefit readers but also connect with so many people. Lauren Berger has a way with words, and is one of the best motivational speakers I’ve ever listened to when she spoke to students at Arizona State University. Here are some of my personal checklist of information that I acquired from All Work, No Pay. I know you'll get the same great information from it too!

-          -The benefits of virtual and larger company internships.

-         - How to successfully conduct a skype/over the phone interview.

-         - How to properly ask for letters of recommendation.

-         - How to differentiate yourself when interviewing and really make a positive lasting impression.

-        -  How to effectively write an outstanding cover-letter.

I know this book is going to get everyone super motivated to get interning or even how to achieve your desired career goals! I can’t wait to keep learning from it and blog further! Until then, Facebook and Tweet your hearts out. #allworknopay #internqueenlove