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Job InTEENview

This blog is written by Leah S., one of our High School Ambassadors! Leah is a senior at St. Ursula Academy.

If you’re like me, you are doing your best to reel in some extra cash. Begging Mommy for money every time you need to go to the mall or eat with friends just isn’t cool anymore. Lizzie McGuire has a job at the Digital Bean, so why can’t I get one? Finding that first job is a difficult process, but don’t get discouraged. Sometimes employers are just looking for older and more experienced workers. Well how am I supposed to get experienced if no one with give me a job? Just simply stack your resume with school achievements or volunteer work. I am still looking for a job, but I always remember that professionalism and honesty never go out of style. Eventually someone will hire me because they will be impressed with my perseverance.

Here are a few tips on clothing, makeup, and of course the interview process! Just think of the interview as a Miss Teen USA pageant. You must dress to impress, and answer for success!

Clothing and Jewelry:

Formal interview attire: If you would wear it to a party; do not wear if for an interview.

No short skirts, No low cut tops, and No 5 inch heels. Yes, it’s cute, but it’s also inappropriate for the setting. I would also recommend spending a little bit more money on basic interview attire like a crisp white button down shirt and a pencil skirt (that doesn’t hug your body). In other words, shopping in Forever 21 may be fun but you won’t find proper interview attire. Try stores like Express, J. Crew, and Banana Republic. Also leave the jewelry at home. Simple stud earrings are appropriate, but save the hoops and the gaudy cocktail ring for another time.

Casual interview attire: If you are going for an interview at a retail establishment or fashion house, dress the part of a fashion lover (but keep it clean and conservative). If you are going for an interview at Hollister or Abercrombie wear clothing that is similar to their employee’s “look policy.” The “look policy,” or uniform, usually consists of a white top, navy cardigan, dark skinny jeans, flip flops, no jewelry, and natural makeup (if you dare to wear it at all). Formal dress attire can be worn for these interviews, but you may end up feeling out of place when everyone else is in jeans.


Formal interview makeup: Leave the caking for the kitchen, and keep your makeup light! Do not create a new layer of skin that you will later need to chisel off! It’s not worth it! Stick to neutral brown colors! A pale shade of gold, peach, or champagne on the lid, with a matte brown to help define the crease! Black liner on the top lid is fine, but don’t make it a winged liner. Use brown eyeliner for your waterline so if your makeup runs you won’t have black liner all over your face! Stick to a lip color that matches your lips, and clear or pink gloss. Please do not do the “overdone” blush or bronzer. Use just a pinch to give yourself a healthy glow; and if you can’t figure out what a pinch is then don’t use it!

Casual interview makeup: If you are interviewing for a position at MAC or Bobbi Brown show off your best makeup skills while sticking to one concept! Sometimes infusing your inspirations of pin- up girls with forest animals can be a bit messy. And if all else fails wear natural makeup and a bold lips or bold eye makeup with a nude lip.

Possible Interview Q&A:

  1. Why is diversity important in the workplace?
    1. Talk about why differences in race, religion, and economics allows you to view issues from other points of view.
  2. Name a time when you’ve worked well in a group or under pressure?
    1. Reference school projects, team sports, school clubs, volunteer work, or family
  3. Why would you be a good asset to our team?
    1. Brag about yourself a little bit, talk about the amazing person you are or even try to be, discuss your eagerness to learn and work with other
  4. What do you know about our company?
    1. Do your research!

When the interview concludes and the interviewer says “Do you have any questions for me?” make sure to ask a question! That shows interest in the position.

Ask questions:

  1. How is your training process for new employees?
  2. What about the responsibilities of the position?

Go out to the mall or local plazas (look presentable), one day with copies of your resume and personal information (social security number, license). Also have three job references (name, phone number, address, and occupation). Have your favorite pen ready to fill out applications at every place you can see yourself working! Ask to speak to the manager and tell them about yourself. A week later go back and call back to all the places and check on your application, if you have not received a call from the manager!

Good luck and keep trying! Someone will hire you (at least I hope)!