Jobs to Save $$ for your Big City Internship!

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Jobs to Save $$ for your Big City Internship!

This blog is written by Kristi Atkinson, our Campus Ambassador for the University of Idaho. Kristi is an International Studies, Public Relations and Spanish major.

A lot of the recent blog posts are "how to&s" regarding summer internships. Every one of them tells you to save your money for that dream summer whether its in New York City or abroad. As we&ve figured out, living in the city is expensive. And unfortunately, saving up is not as simple as getting a second job or maybe even a first job.  I&ve gathered a few oddball ideas to save money that will not cut into homework or vacation time. I also listed the money you could potentially save in the next 7 months (different costs in different places).

For the creative mind: Write for your college newspaper. MAKE MONEY!

For the fashionista: Shop at thrift stores. Money saved: at least 50% of the item&s original price

For the coffee drinker: Make your own. Money saved: $400 ($2 coffee-a-day)

For the one who has it all: Sell your stuff. Money saved: varies

For the environmentalist: Control energy costs with a programable thermostat. Money saved: $130

For the romantic: Cuddle up this winter instead of turning on the heat. Money Saved: A LOT!

For the adventure seeker: Find odd jobs on craigslist like plowing snow or raking leaves: MAKE MONEY!

For the smarty pants: Tutor. MAKE MONEY!

For the photographer: Go to the local high school and offer to take senior pictures for a cheaper price than a studio would offer. MAKE MONEY!

For the fitness guru: Kick the gym membership and workout on home. Money saved: $200-300

For the cook: Grow your own vegetables. Money saved: varies

For the reader: Sell back your books. Money saved: you will probably get 50% back from the item&s original price.

For the shopper: Make a list and stick to it. Money saved: varies

For the commuter: Ride your bike and save on gas. Money saved: $400

With these tips, you could potentially save a few thousand dollars. What have you done to save money or make a little extra money?