Journalize it!

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Journalize it!

This blog was written by Alexandra Appleby, our Campus Ambassador from Appalachian State University.

As my summer internship is sadly coming to an end, I have been reflecting on all of my experiences what I have learned, and the relationships that I have made amongst my co-workers. I have been keeping a journal of the things that I have been doing everyday and I have found it extremely useful in my daily reflecting of my performances.

Things to write in your Journal:

1. Keep a daily “diary” of the tasks that you completed that day and comment how you felt about how you performed on them so maybe the next time you can improve.
2. Write down names of co-workers at the office that you have made good connections with— who knows they might be great references in the future!
3. Write down all of the things that you would have done differently that day or ways to improve.
4. Write down what you liked and did not like about the company and how they ran their business (but keep this just to yourself).

I think it would be beneficial for everyone to have a personal Internship Journal so you can reflect on it when doing other internships and when entering into the real workforce!