The Joys of Relaxing!

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The Joys of Relaxing!

This blog is written by Paola, our campus ambassador from the University of Texas at Austin!

The fun of being a college student can sometimes be overridden by pressure from our course load, internships, jobs, and of course keeping up with our favorite TV shows! At times it&s hard to simply relax and lounge back because, well, even when we are not actually doing something our head is full of worries and thoughts of things we still have to do! Here are easy and fun ways to just breathe and wind down.

Yoga. You have probably heard it before, maybe you have a friend who refers to themselves as &yogi&, or maybe you&ve seen it on TV or movies. However, yoga is not just stretching in awkward positions, it is beyond amazing for your body. After a day of work or school it is hard to clear your mind, or perhaps it is hard for you to have a clear mind at any time. Either way, if you have an hour or 30 minutes to spare try this, I promise you will leave the studio hearing the birds sing louder and seeing the sky brighter.

Power Naps. Have you ever heard the expression “sleep on it”? Well, sometimes you really do just have to sleep on it! A mere 20 minute nap can help your body and mind get a bit of rest it needs to keep going throughout the day. Besides, who doesn&t love to nap and get the extra kick you need?

Try these suggestions out for a quick unwind in your day!