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Dear Readers,

This week is a huge week for me. I can’t believe that my second book is coming out THIS Tuesday! If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, please order one here. The book is called Welcome to the Real World, and it’s going to tell you all about how to be successful after college. I include so many pointers and call-to-actions tips – oh – and several FUNNY stories about my first job after college. I promise, you will love it.

After spending my birthday in San Diego and having a great party in LA on Saturday night, I’m ready to get back to work! I flew to New York this evening (yes, I’m writing this on Sunday night from my NYC hotel room) and I’m excited to be on Fox & Friends bright and early tomorrow morning at 6:20AM to talk about my new book.

X Lauren

This Week In Intern Queen Land:

Monday, 4/22 – 6:20AM Fox & Friends Segment, 4PM Lauren on Huffington Post Live, evening celebration with NYC friends/family for book! Lauren gives you advice you can use in your workplace on -- check it out here. Lauren is featured on the blog, Classy Career Girl! You can read the blog here for a chance to win a copy of Welcome to the Real World!

Tuesday, 4/23Welcome to the Real World comes out today! Lauren flies back to Los Angeles, where she'll be doing a #MillennialChat live with @ChelseaKrost at 8PM EST/5PM PST. She is looking forward to celebrating book day with some Chinese take-out!

Wednesday, 4/24 – Lauren searches for venues in LA for her upcoming book party – details to come! Get excited!

Thursday, 4/25 – Lauren is on Pop Trigger online show in LA! Lauren flies to Florida in the evening.

Friday, 4/26 – Lauren works from Orlando today and gets ready to host her friend’s bachelorette party in Orlando at Disney!