Keeping Organized During Your Internship

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Keeping Organized During Your Internship

Liz Bartlein is the University of Wisconsin Whitewater's Campus Ambassador.
I have always been a very organized person. That doesn’t change when it comes to organizing my schoolwork or internship materials. I have also been one that has always wanted to keep and hold on to material so that I have it to refer to at a future point. Therefore I have developed “The Intern Binder.” This magical binder has everything from my passwords for the multiple logins, daily assignments, work that I have done and schedules.

I create special tabs for each of the subjects that are located in my binders. So the logins, daily assignments, example work and schedules are separately organized and in specific positions for easy access.

The invention of paper sleeves is amazing. The idea of not having to punch multiple holes in our papers to insert them into a binder is honestly an amazing thing! I love paper slips since I can fit more than one piece of paper in the slip it allows me to group together important related documents.

Overall, “The Intern Binder” is a great resource for after I am done with the position. If I need to refer back to the book to see what I did on a daily basis to refer to in an interview it is right there in front of me. I also use it as a benchmark to show my progress and dedication throughout the internship. The binder records all that I have done and what I have completed throughout the position’s term. I am able to show dates and numbers to future employers to get the best representation of my development as an intern for that time.