Keeping Yourself Healthy

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Keeping Yourself Healthy

This blog is written by Megan, the campus ambassador for Champlain College!

With the start of the new school year, everyone becomes so preoccupied with classes, internships, regular jobs, and extra-curriculars that many of us forget to slow down and take care of ourselves and our bodies as the season changes from summer to autumn.

The weather gets cooler, the leaves start to change (at least if you’re in the Northeast Kingdom), and everyone’s allergies begin to present themselves all over campus.  Sneezing, coughing, and runny noses galore!

Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re doing the best you can to combat sickness as you are juggling all of your commitments.  The extra few minutes you take each day to take care of yourself could help prevent being completely out of the game with the flu for two weeks—seriously, no fun.

Wash your hands! If you have been touching public handrails, shaking hands with others, or even sitting at a desk or table for classes, you’ll want to remember to wash your hands afterwards.  This simple step could be vital to preventing germs from getting into your system through your nose and mouth since most of us touch our face many times a day without even realizing it.  Keeping a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer on you is also a good idea. For some of my favorite festive hand sanitizers, check out Bath and Body Works.

Get a flu shot. Not my most favorite tip on this list, either.  Shots are annoying.  They sting and some people even present some “flu-like symptoms” within a few days of getting the flu shot.  But, better to feel 60% for 2 days than to be completely out of commission for a week or more.  Especially if you have a requirement to meet in getting those internship hours in this semester!  Check with your health services department on campus to see if your campus offers free flu shots.

Bundle up. This is the time to start experimenting with fall fashion!  As the temperature starts to drop, make sure you have a cardigan or other lightweight jacket on or with you to avoid being too chilly for an extended period of time.  Whip out those scarves, sweaters and shawls to keep you warm and toasty as it gets chilly outside.

Remember to take just a few minutes each day to think about how you can avoid getting sick this semester!  Sometimes catching a cold or the flu is inevitable, but there are certainly many preventative steps you could be taking to seriously minimize the chances of that!