Kick that Cardio Craze to the Curb

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Kick that Cardio Craze to the Curb

This blog was written by Gabriella, our Campus Ambassador from Quinnipiac University. You can follow Gabriella on Twitter @gabberzgirl.

The sun is shining, the trees are in full bloom, and the temperature is creeping higher and higher. Spring has finally sprung, which means it will be hard to avoid those avid runners congesting the roads. Marathon season is officially upon us, and being a Boston girl myself, it is nearly impossible to avoid any mention of the famous Boston Marathon. Each April as the date approaches, I think to myself: “Can I ever imagine running 26.2 miles?” and the answer is always “No, I’d rather be in the weight room.”

So I admit, I may be secretly envious (and slightly astonished) when I see the endless crowds of runners cross that finish line in Boston every year. However, you do not need to be able to run 26.2 miles to be in top-notch shape! Yes, the gym is one of my best friends, but by no means does that entail I love cardio. Let’s just say, if I was in a serious relationship with the gym, I would be consistently cheating on cardio with my beloved weight set.

Women frequently avoid strength training for a multitude of reasons: they do not want to bulk up, or they simply do not understand the many benefits weights provide. When you exercise your muscles, you build muscle mass. Muscle tissue burns more calories throughout the day, even when your body is at rest!
Karyn Coulon is one of those extraordinary women who has mastered the Boston Marathon multiple times, yet still maintains a loving relationship with the weight room. As a licensed athletic trainer (LATC) Coulon understands the importance of strength training. “In order to change your body composition and convert fat mass to lean muscle mass, you have to strength train!” she said. “Cardio trains your heart and lungs to be more efficient at their jobs. Strength training trains your body to be a calorie-burning machine.”

I understand that the weight room is intimidating, and sometimes there are one too many meatheads checking themselves out in the mirror. However, three easy moves Coulon suggests for beginners are push-ups, wall squats, and stationary lunges. So simple! Its time to ditch your hour date with the treadmill and begin your serious relationship with the weight room.