Kick the Coffee

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Kick the Coffee

This is a blog post from Mollie A., our Northern Michigan University Campus Ambassador!

As I’m sitting here in Northern Michigan University’s library, debating what to blog about, I am sipping on a cup of Starbucks coffee. College is an endless cycle of late nights and early mornings, and some of us just cannot make it through the day without a little caffeine pick-me-up here and there. Half way through my latte, a feeling of guilt has come over me, thinking of all the unneeded calories I have ingested, just for a little energy. Here is a little bit about the ways that you can stay energized for that late night studying without packing on the pounds.

For long lasting energy – When procrastination at its finest makes an appearance and you have a killer exam in the morning, a long night of cramming may be your only solution. To keep yourself focused and energized for hours, the first thing you should do is have some nuts. Nuts, whole grain pasta, and peanut butter are going to give you what you need to go strong all day or most of the night. Oats or oatmeal – not that instant stuff – are also great because they are high in fiber and gradually give you energy over time.

For a quick burst of energy – When you just have one page left on that long paper and it is 2am, you just need a quick burst of energy to finish strong. Instead of breaking out a Red Bull, grab an apple. Fruits are filled with natural sugars as well as carbs, which is what you need when you have to stay motivated for just a little bit longer. Not only are you going to get your carbs, but you are going to get vitamins, minerals and fiber that are good for you too. Fruit can be fresh or even dried fruit still works. Other foods for quick energy include veggies, 100% fruit juice, or whole grain cereal.

My personal recommendation for a late night study snack would be trail mix. You get some dried fruit in there for quick energy and some nuts for long lasting energy. Getting proper amounts of sleep, drinking lots of water, as well as staying active in your daily life will also help you stay energized.