Kick that Winter Exercise Slump

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Kick that Winter Exercise Slump

This blog was written by Caitlin Beck, our Campus Ambassador at Fordham University. She is studying Communications and will graduate in May 2014. Caitlin’s dream job is to one day be the host of E! News.

So who's still stuck with their New Year's resolution to get in shape to look and feel your best? Since the gyms are always the most crowded in the few weeks after the first of the year, here are some great workouts classes that you can do at the gym as well as activities outside the gym to help those who are starting a new workout regimen!

Bikram Yoga: This type of yoga is more intense than regular hatha yoga. It is practiced in a room that is heated to about 106 degrees. This type of yoga is meant to prevent injuries by stimulating and restoring health to your muscles. It will also increase circulation throughout your entire body, which helps to prevent both organ failure and heart disease. Each session is 90 minutes and in that time you will do 26 different postures. The calories that you burn will depend on the level of intensity but the average is between 500-1000 per session.

Zumba: Zumba has become the largest dance fitness program, and it incorporates many different dance styles from all over the world. Each instructor will choreograph their own routines but the main point of this class is so provide a strong muscle and cardio workout. The average person will burn about 450 calories in a one-hour class. Zumba is meant to be very fun with high energy. This workout is great for people of all ages, especially those who love to dance!

Spinning: Spinning is an indoor cycling program that is meant to focus on strength and endurance. The intensity of the class depends on the individual and the resistance that the instructor recommends. There are also five different movements in this class, some of which are harder and will increase the level of difficulty in this class. These classes are typically 45 minutes to an hour-long session. The average person will burn about 400 calories in a class but it is possible to burn as much as 1000 depending on your athletic ability.

There are other activities that you can do in the winter that will also increase your level of fitness and burn calories while having fun!

Snowboarding: In one hour of snowboarding you could burn about 550 calories, and if you are an extremely skilled snowboarder it could be as much as 750 calories. This sport helps you sculpt abs, works your back muscles, and your legs.

Iceskating: In a one-hour session you could burn as much as 300 calories. This exercise uses more muscles than you think, so when you are skating you are really during an almost full body workout.

Snowshoes: For a great leg workout simply strap on snowshoes! You could go for a walk or a hike to get in a great cardiovascular workout. This workout is great if you are sick of the gym and want to spend time outside. You could burn as much as 400 calories is one hour.

Remember to switch up your workout routines so the gym will continue to be fun and new!