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Lauren Berger for!

Recently, Lauren was interviewed by Campus Explorer. Check out the interview below, or read the whole article here!

Question: “What is a good internship for a business major and how do I get one?”

Answer: When I speak with business majors, the first thing I ask them is: “Where do you want to work? What is your dream company?”

A business major can indicate a variety of interests – perhaps their focus is entrepreneurship, accounting, finance, sports management or marketing. I would encourage business majors to put together their “Intern Queen Dream List.” This is a list of at least ten companies where they visualize themselves working in the future. I encourage them to think both locally and nationally and to think big! Most Fortune 500 companies do have internship programs and offer positions in a variety of “business-related” departments. A few companies I work with that offer stand-out business opportunities include Nestle, Under Armour and Sirius XM Radio. Traditionally, business majors will have an easier time finding paid internships, as most of these employers offer paid opportunities.

Once you make your list of ten companies, it’s time to research. On your Dream List, write down the company website, contact information, relevant deadlines, required materials and the date you send out your application. If you’ve been in touch with an actual person rather than an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), follow up two weeks after you send over your materials. Remember, you are applying to ten internships, so if some don’t work out you have several back-up plans.