Lauren Berger Goes GMAT-ing

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Lauren Berger Goes GMAT-ing

One of my favorite authors, Gabrielle Bernstein, author of ADD MORE -ING always adds "-ING" to things and preaches that we should add movement to our lives. Although, my journey to start "GMAT-ing" involves no physical movement (other than my pen scribbling on paper), I still consider myself productive as I go GMAT-ING so in Gabby&s honor, I&ll continue to refer to it like that.

I promised myself about one year ago that I would start thinking about the GMAT. I even went to the Kaplan location in Los Angeles  and took the practice GMAT to see what it was all about.  The test was long and I couldn&t use a calculator for the math. Thank goodness I had Trader Joes trailmix and a large coffee (thanks, Coffee Bean) or else I&m not sure I would have made it. I did pretty bad on the test (to be honest). My family mocked my score and told me I would have received the same score if I just wrote my name on it (okay, it was kind of funny).

At the end of the practice test, they tell you about the courses Kaplan offers. I remember calling my parents that day and asking if I could have one thousand dollars to take a practice GMAT course. In fewer words, they said no. I was upset. I put the printed out version of the test in the backseat of my car and left it there. It&s still there. Actually, I&m not sure where it is. That was back in August 2010.

Time for soul I want to get an MBA? What are my reasons for getting an MBA? I think that getting an MBA could make me a better business owner, help me understand the numbers, and learn to better leverage my business. I like the idea of being able to apply everything I learn to my business......

I still haven&t decided if this is a practical commitment for me to take on within the next two years. But I&m still thinking about it.

However, with my busy touring schedule and my book release, I don&t have much time to study for GMAT. Airplanes probably aren&t the best environment for that (as they presented enough challenges in trying to write a book on them) and so that brings me to today. I cannot yet rationalize the expense of an in-person training course, so I will start this GMAT journey with the help of GrockIt, an online MBA Study Tool, that I&m very excited about.

I will continue to document my GMAT-ing as I&m sure many of you will have the same experiences over the next few years - or perhaps you can relate :)

Let&s see what happens...