Lauren's Must-Haves of the Week

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Lauren's Must-Haves of the Week

Normally,  I don&t write about my favorite things or what I&m buying, talking about, eating, wearing - etc. Right now, I feel the need to tell you about my favorite items of this past week.

1. Colorful Satchel Purse (Waterproof) from Target

I picked this up right before a friend&s pool party last weekend. It was bright and screamed FUN IN THE SUN all over it. I&m currently obsessed with skinny bags that you wear across your body. It&s perfect for hanging around during the day, workout class, and even hiking and keeping your wallet, keys, and water bottle in it.

2. Trader  Joe&s Organic Vodka Sauce

I tweeted about this sauce earlier in the week. You really just have to try it on wheat pasta, turkey sausage - just try!!! SO YUMMY.

3. Silly Bands, of course.

Instead of "Party Planner" badges at a recent pool party that 4 friends and I helped plan, we all wore Silly Bands as "friendship bracelets". And I don&t think I can get enough of them!

4. Piloxing (

This is hands-down the best workout class I&ve ever taken. If you haven&t tried Piloxing yet - go check it out. Its a mix of pilates and kick boxing - and if you used to be a dancer (like me) you will like it even more because of the funky moves. If you don&t live near a Piloxing studio - check out the video here


I know that these should be wheat and I feel bad that they aren&t but these were my favorite all week! They made for a great Taco Night on Monday and also for turkey wraps instead of turkey sandwhiches (my normal lunch go-to). The calorie count on each wrap is below 175 - not half bad.