Learning to Swim in the Interning Pool

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Learning to Swim in the Interning Pool

This blog is written by Sara, one of our campus ambassadors at the University of Central Florida. Sara will graduate in May!

With the semester now in full effect, if you&re anything like me, you&re up to your perfectly mascaraed eyes in &to-dos&. Like every determined young beauty, I wake up every day hoping to keep my Kim Kardashian curls above water.

Here are some pointers that I&ve picked up along the way that will hopefully help you become an excellent swimmer in the most important pool!

Stay Organized: To-do lists seem to be taking over all of my bulletin boards, random spots in my notebooks, and even some homemade hand tattoos. If you&re like me, stop it. I&ve recently been introduced to "Remember the Milk," an app on my iPhone that makes my life 110% easier. With timers to remind you of deadlines and check marks neatly placed next to what is completed, you&re on your way to becoming an Olympian swimmer!

Delegate: Contrary to what you may think, you cannot do it all on your own. Trust me, I’ve tried. Whether you&re the President, Vice President of Public Relations, or just a hardworking social media intern, it is always okay to ask for a helping hand. Even if the task is small and far from rocket science, I encourage you to master this pointer.

Take Care of You: Sleeping, eating right, and exercising are what will keep you going! Don&t forget these lifesavers. Get your beauty sleep, ladies! It&s hard to get work done in between yawns. Cutting down on eating out and eating on-the-go will not only help your wallet, but your waistline, too. In class all day long? Pack frozen grapes for a sweet, keep-cool snack! Exercising naturally releases stress from your body, so snag your Nike Free&s and head out for a jog!

Keep these pointers in mind the next time you feel like you&re drowning. Happy Interning!