Life After the Internship

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Life After the Internship

This blog is written by Caitlyn, our campus ambassador from University of Louisville!

We always have blogs that give you advice on the internship search process and blogs that help you deal with issue that inevitably come up when you are intern. So what about those of us who are coming home after being away on AMAZING internship? Last semester I got to have the experience of a lifetime interning for Walt Disney World resorts and parks and if I am being honest coming back to Kentucky and leaving behind all of the magic of Orlando was a bit hard! I know I am not the only one out there who is coming down from the high of a great internship. So ladies and gentleman I am here to help.

1)      Realize that while you are away from home things change! I guess I just figured everything would stay the same while I was gone and everyone could just pick back up where we left off when I got back. Funny right? Honestly, you will miss some stuff but it will be worth it! You have to remember you just experienced something that not that many people experience and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

2)      Prepare your answers for the millions of questions you will get! I can promise you the main one will be “So what did you do anyway?” While some of the questions will be repetitive if you had a great time than you should be more than willing to talk yourself and your internship up!

3)      You will most likely have internship withdrawals! One day after your internship you will be sitting in your room doing some homework that you aren’t exactly excited about and think to yourself, “Goodness, if I could only go back to interning at Disney instead of doing this.” Trust me it will happen! It is totally okay to miss your friends and job and internship “life” but remembering how much fun you had should be a healthy reminder! What I do when this happens is look at some old pictures or call/Skype my friends from Disney because they always are willing to reminisce!

It is inevitable that you will get the home from internship blues at one time or another, we all do! Just remember it isn’t the end of the world and having all the amazing memories and experiences should help you through it. If you are having a really tough time being back I will let you in on my little secret: Start looking for your next potential internship! Why should the fun stop at just one right?