Life of a Lottery Intern

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Life of a Lottery Intern

This Blog is written by Liz our University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Campus Ambassador. If you go to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and want to blog for us, Comment Here!

This summer, as one of the three Special Events Interns for my state’s lottery I have been offered multiple opportunities that allow me to learn and occasionally have a little fun. I have had the chance to develop games for player interaction at events that we attend statewide such as State Fair, Art Fairs and a diverse amount of music festivals. I occasionally dress up in the Lottery mascot “Moola,” to honorably hold the finish line for the Milwaukee Brewers “World Famous Klements Racing Sausages” and learn the ins and outs that go into running a successful and respected lottery.

The multiple events that I work throughout the summer are a great learning experience. Not only do we plan out what we will be doing at the events, we also have to prepare everything prior and determine what our audience wants to play. Therefore we have to think about what types of interactive and group friendly games that a lottery player would like to participate in to win prizes. Customer interaction is a large aspect of the internship, whether we are playing the games with the customers, selling tickets or just talking to the large and diverse crowd that attends the events. I love this part of the internship, getting to know the players can help you with future events and games.

One of my favorite and what I would consider the greatest experiences of the summer so far has been the opportunity to participate in an ad shoot that was being held for the upcoming lottery commercial. With one of my majors as advertising, I was extremely excited about the opportunity to learn about what goes into an ad shoot and the project’s entire process. I found myself saying multiple times throughout the day, “I am in the right field.” I loved the process, the atmosphere, the creativity and the structure of the project being in multiple takes and to know that in a few months a finished product will be on the air. The idea that two full days of hard work will be structured into a :30 second commercial completely memorized me. If I wasn’t completely in love with advertising before, I sure am now.

Knowing that you are headed in the direction you want to be is one of the greatest feelings. I would have no idea what it was if I wasn’t offered the opportunities I have had throughout all of my internships. I am looking forward to learning more throughout the remainder of my internship and have a great time doing it!